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News and our gains in 2011

PF 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends.

4.12.2011 – Club competition for working dogs in Prelouc

Judge: Mrs. Mikulecka.
Werona Bryvilsár ( Wera ) – 4th-5th place (cat. BH)

4.12.2011 – IDS Finnish Winner, Finland

Ch. Freya´s Charm Cidabro „Chiki“ - Ex 4

3.12.2011 – MV Helsinki Winner, Finland

Ch. Freya´s Charm Cidabro „Chiki“ – Ex2, 4th best bitch

ACD Female puppies for sale

We offer blue puppies, show quality, BAER tested. Read here.

20.11.2011 – Schutzhund, in Prelouc

Our Bohemian shepherd girl Werona passed exam BH !

5.11.2011 – IDS Prague

Quite a Blue Quake Cidabro – Ex2, res. CAC (middle class)
Gina is Club Junior Champion now!!!
Racy Blue Rebecca Cidabro – - Ex1, CAC (middle class)

Our U - puppies

Our australian cattle dog puppies enjoy outside play.

30.10.2011 – working test, Training club in Prelouc

Our Bohemian shepherd girl Werona pass obedience test ZOP.

15.10.2011 Speciality show in Mlada Boleslav

SIP: Bess od Prachovských skal – Ex1, Veteran BOB
Bess is Club Veteran Champion

ACD: Quite a Blue Quake Cidabro – Ex2, res. CAC

ACDs bred and handled by me:

Shelburne Red Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC
Sydney Red Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC, Junior BOB

Born in our kennel:
Rodinga Red Princess Cidabro – VG2 (junior class too)
Ch. Aberdeen Red Camden Dog – Ex1, CAC, VSV - BOS (work.cl., son of Otto)
Amigo from Appataurus – Ex1, CAC (open cl., son of Jim)
Aggasi Doc Bar Domikar – VG3 (middle cl., son of Jim)

12.10.2011 – ACD puppies

Our U-puppies are 2 weeks old now. They start to walk and play.
Some of them are still free for reservation. Feel free to ask me for more info and choose your fotore friend.

8.10.2011 – IDS Ceske Budejovice

Quoin Princess Cidabro - Ex1, CAC, Res.CACIB

25.9.2011 - Water Dog Contest, Heroltice, CZ

Hannah Red Cidabro: Scubadogs – 1st place
Splashdogs – 8th place
Waterdogs – 2nd place

28.09.2011 - We have ACD puppies

There were born 3 males and 5 females. Read here.

17.9. 2011 – National show in Brno, CZ

2 females bred by me were entried on the show in Junior class:

Quoin Princess Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC
she is Czech Junior Champion now

Rodinga Red Princess – Ex2

We expect ACD puppies

We expect ACD puppies in the beginning of October. We expect reds and blues, show and sport quality puppies out of champions and World winners lines. More info read Více here.

3.9.2011 – County show in Uherske Hradiste

Rodinga Red Princess Cidabro – Ex1, Junior winner

27.8.2011 – IDS Mlada Boleslav, CZ

ACD: Quite a Blue Queake Cidabro – Ex1, CAC

SIP: Ch. Barbie Cidabro - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, CAC CMKU

- our schipperke lady is C.I.B. and CZ Grandchampion now!

Bred by me:
SIP: Ch. Conny Cidabro - Ex1, CAC, res.CACIB
- Conny is Cuech champion now.

20.8.2011 – IDS Bratislava, SK

Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, CACIB
Ned is C.I.B. now!

Rodinga Red Princess Cidabro - coursing

Rodinga is coursing Club Winner 2011. Congratulations to Rodinga´s owners.

C.I.B. Windwarrior´s Flying Force

It is really sad to say we lost our sweet heart Otto. He lived with us near 13 years. We miss him very much. Otto lives with us throught his offspring forever. He was our foundation male. He produced nice and successful dogs in our country and in Europe too. His offspring live around the world now.

17.7.2011 – Club Winner show ACD, Castrop-Rauxel, D

We went to the biggest ACD show in Europe again. We met many friends and saw nice dogs in Castrop-Rauxel near Dortmund. We spent very nice weekend there. Orga team understood our Jim is REAL NR.1 !!! :-)

Judge: Loes Mouchart (NL)
Our show team:
C.I.B. Doc Bar Cidabro – Ex1, Vet.VDH, Club vet.CAC, BOB veteran
Quite a Blue Quake Cidabro – VG3 (Junior class)
C.I.B. Miss Aussie Cidabro – Ex2, res. VDH, res. Club CAC, res. Club Winner

C.I.B. Doc Bar Cidabro + C.I.B. Miss Aussie Cidabro – 3rd place in paar class

We visited our friends in the evening and checked their Sawdust J - litter out of Lantu ( Ch. Windwarrior´s Blue Cidabro) and daughter to Kalgoorlie Blue Cidabro.

2.7. Club show in Mlada Boleslav

VCh.Clever Girl Cidabro – Ex1, Club veteran champion
Evening Star Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, Best bitch, BOB

Quite a Blue Quake Cidabro

Gina is HD A/A, ED 0/0

26.6.2011 – We have puppies

We have 4 males and 1 female of Chodsky pes / Bohemian shepherd dog. Some males are for sale.

26.6.2011 – Schipperke Club show in Belgium

Our sweet girl Barbie Cidabro went to Beringen to the Club show of Royal Schipperkes club of Belgium.

Ch. Barbie Cidabro – Ex4 (champion class)
Cuketka Cidabro – Ex (open class)

Many thanks to my friends Vlasta ans Marketa to care about our girl and show her.

25.6.2011 – Intercanis Brno

Conny Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, CACIB
Conny won last necessary title to be C.I.B.

18.6.2011 – ACD Club show in Haukipudas, FIN

Judge: Marja Talvitie, Finland

Ch. Freya´s Charm Cidabro „Chiki“ – Champion class winner, Best bitch, BOB (30 ACDs)

Photo by Marjo Järventölä

Many thanks to my friend Tuulia Heikkinen to handle Chiki so successfully. I am very happy Chiki won the highest title - BOB on Finnish ACD club show and her granddaughter Gina (Quite a Blue Quake Cidabro) won the same title on Czech ACD club show in May 2011!!!

Schipperke - Felicity Cidabro

Great news from Austria, our small Licy is Austrian champion.
Her results in 2011:
Graz: V1, CACA, BOB
Salzburg: V1, CACA,BOB
Klagenfurt: V1,CACA,BOBecho

4.-5.6.2011 – 2x IDS Nitra, Slovakia

Quoin Princess Cidabro – 2x CAJC, Junior Winner Grand Prix Slovakia 2011

Vendy is Slovak Junior champion!

4.6.2011 – National dog show in Klatovy, CZ

SIP: Dixi Cidabro - Ex1,CAC a National Winner, Czech champion

We expect puppies – Chodsky pes

We expect Bohemian shepherd dog puppies in the end of June.

29.5.2011 – Moravia show, Detrichov

We spent another successfull day with our veteran dogs. All of them finnished veteran champion titles. Red Horseman bred by us start his show career with great report.

ACD – judge: Mr. Vondrous

C.I.B. Doc Bar Cidabro – Ex1, VT, BOV, Czech veteran champion, 3rd place BIS veteran
Clever Girl Cidabro – Ex1, VT, Czech veteran champion

SIP – judge: P. Rehanek

Bess od Prachovskych skal - Ex1, VT, BOV, Czech veteran champion, 2nd place BIS veteran


Our offspring – ACD

Red Horseman Cidabro – Ex2 (Junior class)

7.5.2011 – CZ Club show, Mlada Boleslav

Judge: A. Polgar

Quite a Blue Quake Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC, Club Junior Winner, Best of Juniors, BOB, 3rd place in BIS Junior !!!!!
C.I.B. Doc Bar Cidabro – Ex1 (veteran class)
Clever Girl Cidabro – Ex1, BOV (veteran class)
Ch. Barbie Cidabro – Ex1, CAC (champion class), Club Champion
Bess od Prachovských skal – Ex1, BOV (veteran class)

Our offspring:
Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro – VG4 (champion class)
Quoin Princess Cidabro – Ex2 (junior class)
Evening Star Cidabro – Ex2, res. CAC (middle class)

Foto Marcela Staòková

23.4.2011 – IDS Ceske Budejovice, CZ

Judge: Leos Jancik
Quite a Blue Quake Cidabro – Ex2 (Junior class)
Ch. Barbie Cidabro – Ex1 (champion class)
Bess od Prachovských skal – Ex1, Best schipperke veteran – BOV

16.4.2011 – Greetings from Brazil

The first greetings from Gas (Tongariro Red Cidabro) who lives in Brazil now.

9.4.2011 – CAC Ostrava, CZ

Quoin Princess Cidabro – V1, CAJC, Junior BOB
Congratulations to Vendy´s owner!

Annual eye investigation

15.3.2011 – Ch. Windwarrior´s Blue Cidabro
30.3.2011 – C.I.B. Doc Bar Cidabro
Both our stud dogs are FREE !!!

5.-6.2.2011 – Duo CACIB Brno

Saturday: judge Kavèiè Marija (SLO), 19 ACDs

Ch. Doc Bar Cidabro – Ex1, BOB veteran
Clever Girl Cidabro – Ex1 (veteran class)

Our offspring:

Shelburne Red Cidabro – VP1 (puppy class)
Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro – Ex2, res. CAC (champion class)
Sydney Red Cidabro – VP1 (puppy class)
Quoin Princess Cidabro – VG2 (junior class)

Sunday: judge Grzegorz Robak (PL), 15 ACDs

Ch. Ned Kelly Cidabro – Ex2, res. CAC (champion class)
Quoin Princess Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC (junior class)


Our Otto ( C.I.B. Windwarrior´s Flying Force ) is 12 years old!!!


We have new banners.


Puppies are looking for a new home. More details see here

9.1.2011 – NDS Olomouc

Great news from our friends. Conny was born in our kennel.
JCh. Conny Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, National Winner 2011

PF 2011