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News and our gains in 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cidabro kennel

9.12.2012 - Helsinki, Finland

Ch Freya´s Charm Cidabro "Chiki"
EX1, CQ, BOB Veteran, 2nd Best Bitch, VETERAN WINNER 2012

8.12.2012 - IDS Helsinki, Finland

CH Freya´s Charm Cidabro "Chiki"
EX1, BOB Veteran, Best Bitch, BOS, Helsinki Veteran Winner 2012 & Helsinki Winner 2012
Thank you, Tuulia!

We expect puppies ACD puppies

We expect ACD puppies in January. More info read here.

3.-.4.11. – Double CACIB Prague

Ungarie Bleu Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC, Junior BOB
Racy Blue Rebecca Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Ungarie Blue Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC, Junior BOB
Uaroo Blue Cidabro – VG2
Sydney Red Cidabro – VG2

Herding clinic

Two young bitches bred by me as U-litte - Urandangi Blu Cidabro“Yara“ and Urapunga Blue Cidabro "J.J." took part on herding clinic in Italy.

21.10.2012 – Herding instinct test, Hamiltony u Vyskova

Uncle Blue Sigord Cidabro and Quoin Princess Cidabro passed ZVOP exam.

29.9.2012 – NDS Brno

Judge: Anna Kochan, PL

Uaroo Blue Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC, BOB Junior, BOB

Daughter of our Jim (C.I.B. Doc Bar Cidabro):
Alta Niobla Regina Canina – Ex1, CAC, National Winner 2012

23.9.2012 – CZ Club show, Mlada Boleslav

Judge: A. Mudra

Uaroo Blue Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC, Club Junior Winner 2012, Junior BOB Kerry won 3st place in BIS Junior !!! :-)

KJCh. Quite a Blue Quake Cidabro – Ex1, CAC (open class)

Bred by me:

Vanrey Blue Cidabro – VP1, Best puppy
Uncle Blue Sigord Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC, Club Junior Winner 2012

Schipperke: Dixi Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, Club Winner 2012

ACD – sired by Ch. Windwarrior´s Blue Cidabro:
Antonio ze Skarezu – Ex1, CAC, Club Winner 2012, BOB (middle class)
Asterix ze Skarezu – Ex1, CAC (open class)
Amálka ze Skarezu - Ex1, CAC, Club Winner 2012 (middle class)

23.9.2012 – IDS Dublin, Ireland

Judge: P. Harsanay

Uncanny Blue Spirit Cidabro - Excellent 1,Green Star(= Best males),BOB

9.9.2012 – from our training

Unique Blue Cidabro „Nick“

more pictures here

Hardy Cidabro

Young bitch for sale

Young blue bitch is looking for a new home.
High quality, more details find here.

11.8.2012 – NDS Raisio, Finland

Ch. Freya´s Charm Cidabro - Ex1, CQ, 2.best bitch,BOB veteran

22.7.2012 – NDS Koszalin, PL

Tasmania Red Cidabro – Ex1, CWC

14.7.2012 – National dog show in Mlada Boleslav

Ungarie Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAJC, Best of Juniors, BOB !!!

23.6.2012 – IDS Brno

Shelburne Red Cidabro – VG1 (middle class)
Sydney Red Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, CACIB (middle class)

17.6.2012 – Speciality show, Mlada Boleslav


Judge: M. Zidar (SLO)

Unique Blue Cidabro – P1
Uaroo Blue Cidabro – VP1, TOP 5 in BIS puppy competition

Shelburne Red Cidabro – VG2 (middle class)
Sydney Red Cidabro – Ex1, CAC (middle class)
Ruby Rawlinna Cidabro – Ex2, res. CAC (open class)

Sydney Red Cidabro is Czech Junior Champion now!


Judge: O. Schimpf (A)

Evening Star Cidabro – Ex2, res. CAC

10.6.2012 – IDS Riga, Latvia

Judge: John Philip (India), Judge for BIG: Angel Garach Domech (Spain)

Ch. Freya´s Charm Cidabro „Chiki“ - CACIB, BIG – 3rd place

Chiki is C.I.B. now !!!

Thank you, Tuulia

19.5.2012 – World dog show in Salzburg, A

Judge: Mr. Svend Lovenkjaer (DK)

Wonderful weekend in Austria together with many friends and nice dogs :-)

C.I.B. Miss Aussie Cidabro – Ex (champion class)

Great results in relationship with our kennel:

Junior World Winner 2012 + BOB - Sawdust´s In All It´s Glory
(dam: Kalgoorlie Blue Cidabro)

World Winner 2012 – Heelersridge Emublu King
(King is World Winner the 3rd time!!!! – sire of our Q and U - litters)

Ex1, CAC - Bentley´s Blue Crackerjack
(Open class winner is son of our VCh. Clever Girl Cidabro „Jenny“)

5.5.2012 – IDS Prague

Shelburne Red Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, res. CACIB
Ungarie Blue Cidabro – VP1
Racy Blue Rebecca Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, res. CACIB

5.5.2012 – Club show Remata, SK

Uncanny Blue Spirit Cidabro – VP1, BIS puppy!!!

28.4.2012 – Moravia show, Detrichov

C.I.B. Doc Bar Cidabro „Jim“ – EX1, Best veteran
Jim is new Club veteran champion now.

Uncle Blue Sigord Cidabro – VP1 (male puppy)
Selwyn Red Cidabro – Ex1, Class winner (middle class male)
Red Australian Dream Cidabro – Ex2 (open class bitch)

Breeding permission: Selwyn Red Cidabro is new stud male

Unique Blue Cidabro

New sport photo see in gallery of working ACD.

Australian Cattle Dog – puppies

Our V – puppies opened their eyes.

1.4. 2012 – NDS Nowy Dwor Mazowicki, PL

Tasmania Red Cidabro – Ex1, CWC, Best bitch

31.3.2012 – IDS Ceske Budejovice, CZ

Ungarie Blue Cidabro – VP1 (puppy class)
Racy Blue Rebecca Cidabro – Ex1, CAC (middle class)

We have new australian cattle dog puppies: V- litter

There were born 6 puppies on 23rd March, 2012. Read more here.

CHP puppies have their names

Males are called ILLDOR and IR, female is called IRKA.

Our training

Let me introduce our new sport hope Nick to you (Unique Blue Cidabro).

22.2.2012 – We have puppies

We have 2 males and 1 female of Chodsky pes / Bohemian shepherd dog. Both parents are very good in sport, won some show titles, both are HD A. Enquiries welcome.

Parents: Grand Ch. Orin Bryvilsar x Werona Bryvilsar

4.-5.2.2012 – DuoCACIB Brno, CZ

Ungarie Blue Cidabro – VP1 (puppy class)

Shelburne Red Cidabro – VG 3 (junior class)
Sydney Red Cidabro – Ex1, CAJC (junior class)
Quoin Princess Cidabro – Ex1, CAC, res. CACIB (middle class)

We expect puppies

We expect new puppies in February. More info read here.


We have new X-ray results from our litters R and S! See galleries –ACD litters

31.1.2012 - schipperke

Our schipperke C.I.B. Barbie Cidabro gave us only one black beautiful girl.

PF 2012

Happy New Year to all my friends.