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News and our gains in 2016

PF 2017

I wish all the best to all my friends for 2017. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody!

Training in Sezemice

Frozen Sunday with Freny on training

Photos:Petr Šedivý Photography

4.12.2016 – IDS Nitra, Slovakia

JCh. Berenica Domikar at Cidabro - Ex2, res. CAC, res.CACIB

News from Sweden, Germany and Russia

Zaugathella Blue Cidabro won Swedish Junior Winner 2016.
Zeehan Blue Cidabro won Ex1, Anw. Dt. Jgd. Ch. VDH, Best Junior.
Unique Blue Cidabro won some CAC titles on dog shows in Russia.

3.+ 4.12.2016 – Jim´s and Merry´s birthday party

C.I.B. Doc Bar Cidabro „Jim“ is 14
& his dam
C.I.B. Zeecidabro des Poenjaap „Merry“ is unbelievable 16 !!!

Jenny left us

Jenny left over the raibow bridge on 11th November, 2016 (Clever Girl Cidabro).
We miss you, darling.

5.-6.11.2016 - Danube Duo Cacib Bratislava, SK

Ch. Uaroo Blue Cidabro - Ex2, res. CAC (Champion class)
Zilgarra Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAJC (Junior class)

5.11.2016 – working test IPO, Pardubice - Nemosice

Judge: Mr. Petr Vycital
Freny z Avarku passed BH (56 points).

Calendar 2017

We prepare new ACD table calendars for 2017. More info - cidabro@seznam.cz

28.-29.10.2016 – IDS PRAGUE EXPO DOG

Judge: Peter Harsani (HU)/ Vladimir Javorcik (SK)
JCh.Berenica Domikar at Cidabro - Ex3 / Ex3 (open class)
Werribee Blue Cidabro - Ex2, res. CAC / Ex2, res. CAC, res.CACIB (open class)
JCh. Yaraka Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAC / --- (intermediate class)

Photos: Dana Krejčová

15.10.2016 – CZ Club show, Mlada Boleslav

Judge: Mr. Ladislav Kukla JCh.Berenica Domikar – Ex1, CAC (open class /3)

bred by Cidabro: ACD: JCh. Yaraka Blue Cidabro – Ex2, res. CAC (middle class /3)
SIP: Karkulka Cidabro – Ex (junior class /5)

Jim – still great movement

Jim is still doing well at 13 years and 10 months of age.

Atelier photos

Berenica and Kerry - amazing photo shooting with Aneta-foto.com

More photos on page of both females.

20.+21.8.2016 – Duodanube Bratislava, SK

Ch. Uaroo Blue Cidabro "KERRY" – Ex1, 2x CAC, 2x CACIB

Kerry is new International Champion C.I.B. now !!!
Thanks to Marcela Nováková for profi care and handling!!!

20.8.2016 – Club show in Prerov (without Club Winner title)

Judge: Mr. A. Mudra
JCh. Berenica Domikar - Ex1, CAC, BOB !!!
Unique Blue Cidabro - Ex2
Zilgarra Blue Cidabro - VP1, BIS puppy – 2nd place !!!

13.8.2016 - IDS Mlada Boleslav

judge: Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich, DE
Ch. Uaroo Blue Cidabro "KERRY" - Ex2, res. CAC, res. CACIB (out of 4 champion females)

25.6.2016 – Special show KCHMPP, Mlada Boleslav

ACD – Judge: Mr. Andras Polgar
C.I.B. – Miss Aussie Cidabro Ex1, BOB veteran

Zarina Blue Cidabro - VP1, Best puppy
Zarree Blue Cidabro - VP2
Yaraka Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAJC - New CZ Junior Champion!!!

11.6.2016 - NDS Klatovy

Judge: Dick Rutten (NL)
Werribee Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAC, National Winner, BOS

31.5.2016 – IPO training

Freny´s new video from training

Our veterans

From the left: Jim (13,5 years old), Jenny (14 y.o.) a Merry (15,5 y.o.)

29.5.2016 – agility

Bertik on agility training

Eye test – Berenica Domikar at Cidabro

Berenica was eye investigated and found clear!

30.4.2016 - photos from our IPO training with Freny

Cirrie trains too (Zaugathella Blue Cidabro)

30.4.2016 - IDS Prague

Judge: Ms. Marie Maruskova
Shelburne Red Cidabro - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Yaraka Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAJC, BOJ

24.4.2016 - the first defence training for Cirrie

23.4.2016 - IDS Ceske Budejovice

Judge: Mr. Ladislav Kukla
Yaraka Blue Cidabro - Ex1, CAJC, BOJ

16.4.2016 - breeding permission test Detrichov

New stud dog - Werris Bluechester Cidabro

6.4.2016 - Regional show KCHMPP, Detrichov

ACD - judge: Milan Krinke
C.I.B. Miss Aussie Cidabro - Ex1, Class Winner, BOB veteran, 3rd place BIS veteran, Club Veteran Champion

Yaraka Blue Cidabro - Ex2 (junior class)
Werris Bluechester Cidabro - VG2 (open class)

CHP - judge: Vlastislav Vojtek (SK)
Hardy Cidabro - Ex1, Class Winner, Regional Winner!!!! (open class)

9.4.2016 - National Dog Show, Ostrava

Judge: Mr. Petr Řehánek
Berenica Domikar - Ex1, CAC, National Winner 2016, BOS
Our Berenica is new Czech Junior Champion!!!

2.4.2016 - from training

I go for training with baby Cirrie...

... she learns carefully :-)

Training with Freny

7.3.2016 - BAER

All our puppies from Z-litter were tested BAER - normal hearing both sides!

27.2.2016 - training camp in Stary Kolin

Australian Cattledog

New puppy photogallery - litters, Z-litter


All puppies are in new homes now. I made a short video in the latest minute.

We have ACD puppies

Read more on puppy page

Winter photos

New winter photos see here

Schipperke - new puppy photos

Sad news

Our great stud male Lantu went over the rainbow bridge on 6th January.

PF 2016

Merry Christmas and all the best to all our friends around the world.