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ACD puppies, U-litter

I choose King for this litter especially of high quality of our Q litter. There were born 3 males and 5 females as our U-litter on 28th September 2011. You can see 4 World Winners in puppy pedigree!!!

nabízíme štěňátka ACD nabízíme štěňátka ACD

Double World Winner, Ch. Heelersridge Emublu King

Australian import
BAER normal
HD B1, ED 0, PRA neg.
DNA normal (Optigen, USA)


C.I.B. Miss Aussie Cidabro

BAER normal
HD A, ED 0, PRA neg.
DNA normal (Optigen, USA)

Lupina´s show titles: C.I.B., Czech champion, Slovak champion, Czech juniorchampion, Club juniorchampion, CZ club junior winner 2008, CZ club winner 2009, etc...
Herding test: ZVOP

King´s show titles: World Winner 2009 + 2010, Res. World Winner 2011, German Club Winner 2010 + 2011, FCI Centenary Winner, VDH Champion, VDH Juniorchampion, VDH – European Winner 2008 + 2010, Champion NL, Champion Lux., etc.

More photos of King:


BAER normal, HD: B, ED: 0, PRA neg., DNA PRA: N/N, PLL: N/N
Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, Victory Winner 2014
CZ Club Junior Winner
Herding test: ZVOP
Export Austria

BAER normal
HD: A, ED: 0, OCD: free
Export Ireland

HD A, ED 0
Irish Champion, Champion of 2013 in Ireland
Export China

BAER normal, HD: A, ED: 0, PRA neg., DNA PRA: N/N, PLL: N/N
3x CAC, 3x res. CAC, Open Class Winner, Best male, Winner of Detrichov - BOB, Champion of Russia
ACD - Cidabro ACD - Cidabro ACD - Cidabro
BAER normal, HD: A, ED: 0, PRA neg., DNA PRA: N/N, PLL: N/N
CZ Club Junior Winner, 2x Junior BOB, BOB, CZ Junior Champion, CZ Club Winner, Speciality Show Winner CZ, Czech Champion, C.I.B.
Export Italy
ACD - Cidabro ACD - Cidabro
BAER normal, HD A / ED 0:0
Slovenian Junior Champion, Italian Champion, Croatia Champion, Zagreb Winner, Crufts qualification, C.I.B.

BAER normal
Czech Junior Champion, CZ Club Junior Champion, Czech Champion, CMKU Champion, Czech Grand Champion, Club Champion
rescue dog ZZZ
HD: A, ED: 0, DNA PRA: N/N